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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fredericksburg or Bust!

I don't think you can beat Wildflower Season in the Hill Country of Texas. It is truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. That is until I discovered that wildflowers are for the most part just weeds. In my home the word "weed" has always been pronounced with a heavy inflection given only to expletives. So imagine my surprise when I found these beautiful weeds?

We stayed at the Fredericksburg Inn and Suites Hotel just off of Washington and Main St. The hotel's grounds are amazing, even if the hotel itself is a bit dated. The rooms are large enough for all of Rylee's stuff, and she loved exploring the flowers, and looking for "butt-flies."

We never miss an opportunity to see a performance of Rockbox Theater, and this weekend's offerings were awesome as always, with a performance by the band High Valley thrown in for good measure. Rylee enjoyed the show, and got in a good nap at the end, which to those not in the know, is a toddler's ultimate compliment. If they get content enough to watch, they'll probably sleep!

We also found many treasures and magnificent views at the Wildseed Farms. There are plenty to see and of course, buy here as well. Rylee tired quickly here, but was re-energized by the sight of two incredibly fat orange cats resting on the counter. She was fascinated, and asked to pet them often. The Wildseed Farm has two fields full of red poppies, and I got some great pictures there. Rylee is not in any of them because she and Gramps found a shady spot to rest about this time.

Last but certainly not least was our adventure to the LBJ State Park. This visit was capped off by more "run time" for Rylee and up close encounters with the livestock at the Sauer-Beckmann Farm. I wish to apologize to the hen who was unfortunate enough to get caught by Rylee, she was certain I would be proud. "Look Mamo, just like Braden!" The chicken was not impressed, and I don't recommend catching the "wild life" if you go.

The wildflowers (or weeds) were in full bloom, and I'm sure the pictures can hardly do them justice. I took all of these pics on my camera (thanks Dad) this weekend. I'm not an amazing photographer by any means, so if you think the pics are good, you should have seen it in real life. Well, I guess that's it from here. I hope you enjoy our travel blog and that it inspires everyone to just get out there. Just gather your family and go.

Till next time....bye for now from Windy Amarillo!

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