Let's Go Mama!

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to travel with a toddler, then you're in luck. I hope that you enjoy reading about our vacations, and that it inspires you to get together as a family, and just go.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Scene: This morning, while she's in the tub, and I'm trying to get to work...

Rylee says: "Mama, Rylee go to Poppy's house to break eggs."
Me: "Babe, we'll have to wait a couple of weeks."
Rylee: "Ok, Rylee go to Grandmother's house and break dirt."
Me: "Why do you want to break everything."
Rylee: "Cause Rylee's little."

Yep..there ya have it...she's already learning how to get out of trouble. I laughed so hard at this one, that I had trouble leaving for work. Kids will say whatever comes to mind...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oklahoma City or Bust!

We usually try to get to OKC at least once every three to four months. Whether for Affair of the Heart or for the fabulous OKC Zoo this town has it all! We usually try to stay on the South Side, because of the Bricktown attractions, but we have stayed on the North Side, in the Quail Springs neighborhood, as well as Midtown. OKC makes a great weekend trip, or a week long trip. We haven't done Frontier City with Rylee yet, but Rissy and I have been there, and found it to be a welcome relief from the overcrowding of the Metroplex area parks. Orr Family Farms is also amazing, with pony rides, a petting zoo, and a train that Rylee absolutely adores. There is a pumpkin patch in the fall, and tons of area to run and play.

Bricktown has its very own Bass Pro Shops for the outdoorsman in us all, as well as Rocktown Gym where kiddos (alot older than Rylee) and adults alike can climb using harnesses and belays to the top of an old grain silo. I've not been inside, but I hear it is an amazing place to go. I hope I get to in the near future. If you travel with your dogs, the Embassy Suites is extremely pet friendly. We've stayed there many times, including a time when two bassetts were braying at each other from the eighth floor to the first. What a treat.

Like I said, we LOVE OKC and I think you will too. If you go visit, I hope you make as many wonderful memories as we have.

Much Love,


Monday, March 22, 2010

And Hawkeye.

I couldn't find a newer pic of him, but I'll look harder tomorrow. He's almost 200 pounds...and for the record.. Rylee is HIS baby. Don't touch her, don't look at her, don't pick up her toys. Just ask the lawn man.

He's a gentle giant for sure...just (again) don't touch his baby. LOL

Marlee Kate

Emmett, Hank and Sassee

These are the first three dogs. Emmett, Hank and Sassee. I've since added Hawkeye and Marlee Kate to the mix. Count em...that makes five. Two Doodles, a Moodle a Dane and a Basseweenie. Yep. Over three hundred pounds of wall eating, carpet eating, lawn man chasing, barking idiocy all in my backyard. Lucky me. I love them all and wouldn't have it any other way. Well, sometimes. LOL

Off To Poppy's

We often head south to see my family in McCamey. When we go, we make sure that we get to feed the chickens, as this has become Rylee's favorite pastime. Poppy lets her get the eggs, and even lets her break a few as she throws them into the bucket. This is great fun for all.

What is a VAY-CAY-SHUN?

What is a Vay-cay-shun you ask? It's what Rylee sings when we tell her we're going out of town. Whether we're off to Poppy's house, the lake, the farm or some other far flung (or not) destination, it's what we sing when we're ready to go. Rylee even has a dance that goes with the excitement. What is this blog about? It's about sharing our memories, it's about recording our life, and how awesome it's become. It's about connecting with those around us, and hoping that families of all shapes and sizes can "vacate" together. It's about family.