Let's Go Mama!

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to travel with a toddler, then you're in luck. I hope that you enjoy reading about our vacations, and that it inspires you to get together as a family, and just go.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I got a surprise for Christmas...no really, I did! Rissy gave me a new Great Dane puppy! His name (for now) is Fred, and he's adorable. See?

Cute huh? We think so too...now that is him at 5 weeks old. All legs...and wrinkles....and he's got sisters y'all! Dane-o's for you to bring home to your family. I've been around these little guys...they are PERFECT with Rylee, they've been raised in a family home with plenty of socialization.

Get ready for cuteness overload...

You guys need to get you one of these. For more info and how to reserve your little lady..email Cherish @ establishedhouse@yucca.net. Tell her that Kristi and Fred sent you. You won't regret it...these are some cute and cuddly little dolls.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What's New?

So it's almost a new year, so I should probably post an update right? Almost. I don't have time to update every single thing that's happened, so here are the highlights....

Disney World in May

OKC and Arbuckle Wilderness in July

We saw a smiling donkey..and a real live Chewey!

We stayed home in September because Rylee started Pre-Kindergarten...

and I cried every time I watched her walk in...



We made Junkin Punkins from junk from Rissy's Farm

Rylee and Rosee in their "faux" winter portrait...it was actually 70 degrees. LOL

My baby was a pirate for Halloween!

November saw us off to Ruidoso, Roswell and parts west of the AMA.

What a view!

My two favorite girls!

December brought Santa, saw Rissy dancing in the snow as we had a White Christmas and brought out the crazy in our Elf on the Shelf, Edgar as he "tinseled" our entire house with ribbon.

She's pretending to sleep with the doll...

...it wasn't really snowing in this one either...THANKS Picnik!

She finally sat with Santa!

Edgar! You were a naughty boy...but a FUN one!

I guess that's it from the frigid AMA this week. I'll try to catch up next week as we add a new hound to the mess of our life. But, like we always say...it might be a crazy life..but it's OUR life!

Happy New Year everyone!