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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to travel with a toddler, then you're in luck. I hope that you enjoy reading about our vacations, and that it inspires you to get together as a family, and just go.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sheep-a-weenies Week 7

I can't believe we've made it to week 7 with these little guys..it's almost time for them to venture out into their new homes **tear** I'll sure be sad to see them go, but happy for them all the same.

Now...onto the pictures!





Sheeple---5 weeks old

I realize this is a little late, but wanted to TRY to keep up with the Sheep-a-weenies posts. These are pics taken when the guys (and gal) were about five weeks. They've since started eating on their own, and generally run the house (at least their crate and yard area)!

Up first as always is Chubbs. He's a lot less hairy than his other brother Flaco (now called Davey). He's still attached to his people...wanting you to hold him. He's got the cutest face.

Up next as always is Bullseye...our second boy. He's rambunctious, and loves biting his brothers.

The only girl, Minnie, is still as outgoing as ever. She hasn't met a stranger yet and LOVES to play with Rylee.

Finally our little guy Davey. He just has the funniest expressions, not to mention that tail that he keeps perched high over his back like a little goat. He's our only hairy one, and he has the best "hound" face of them all. That droopy look just gets me every time!

That's it for week five...check back later for a week 7 update :-)

Happy Tails :-)

Dallas Arboretum and American Girl Store

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Dallas for Spring Break with Rissy's family. We had a great stay at the Courtyard Dallas Allen at the John Q. Hammons Center It was a really nice place for kiddos, except that they do not have milk available in the lobby store. Remember to get your own before you arrive. The grounds were amazing, and it was a quick drive over to the Watters Creek outdoor shopping extravaganza! Rylee loved the ducks, and we of course enjoyed the Vera Bradley store!

We also had the opportunity to visit the American Girl Doll Store in Dallas, located at the Galleria.

Anyone who knows Rylee, would know that she would find the horse outfit/saddle right as we walked in. She didn't want anything else.

We also got to have lunch at the Cafe overlooking the store, while Rylee's doll Roxy got a new hair do. They have little high chairs that let the dolls join their little girls for lunch, and this was a hit at our table for sure.

Don't let the need for reservations (try at least 30 days out for lunch time guarantee) or the prix fixe menu scare you off. The lunch includes an appetizer, and an entree, which were playful and tasty. If you have a little girl interested in dolls (or horses) or even the American Girl book series, this is a must do on your Dallas vacation.

We had a great adventure at this store, coming out with several items so big
they required a stop off at the car to unload before continuing our shopping spree.

After a detour into some free parking on HWY 75 as well as the George Bush Turnpike, we headed back to the hotel for swimming before wandering over to Uncle Matt's parents' house for a great spaghetti dinner.

Finally, on our last day there, we ventured back into Dallas to visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden for their annual Tulip event. We weren't disappointed...this place was amazing.

These were some amazing flowers, and I was excited to get to take some "amateur" shots of them, there were certainly professional photographers there. Rylee had a good time here as well, playing in their miniaturized version of a Wild West town. There was also plenty of grass for running and playing. We spent most of the morning there before heading back north to Amarillo.

We enjoyed this short weekend trip to the Dallas area, and look forward to returning soon.