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Thursday, December 29, 2011


I got a surprise for Christmas...no really, I did! Rissy gave me a new Great Dane puppy! His name (for now) is Fred, and he's adorable. See?

Cute huh? We think so too...now that is him at 5 weeks old. All legs...and wrinkles....and he's got sisters y'all! Dane-o's for you to bring home to your family. I've been around these little guys...they are PERFECT with Rylee, they've been raised in a family home with plenty of socialization.

Get ready for cuteness overload...

You guys need to get you one of these. For more info and how to reserve your little lady..email Cherish @ establishedhouse@yucca.net. Tell her that Kristi and Fred sent you. You won't regret it...these are some cute and cuddly little dolls.

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