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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Protecting the Easter Bunny

Rylee and Hawkeye have apparently made up since the whole "Ear Ding" incident (in which she tried to pierce his ears with a thumbtack). Whilst dying eggs, she stopped to pray for her eggs, and the Bunny who hides them. "God, please don't let Hockey eat Rylee's eggs, or the Easter Bunny, AMEN!"

Hopefully that prayer will be answered, because from what I hear, it was a close one this morning when the Cable Man opened my bedroom door, to the face (and teeth) of the fearless Hawkeye. Rissy said we're lucky he didn't charge us double...and I guess it worked out in our favor, because he was out of there in a flash!

So...prayers for the Bunny, Prayers for our family, prayers for the upcoming year, prayers of thanks for God and his Son Jesus Christ (or Jebus Christ if you're Rylee), and last but not least...Prayers for Hawkeye, Emmett, Hank, Sassee and Marlee, may they have many more adventures together, and no Ear Dings.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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