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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where NOT to travel with your family?? Leon County, TX, Home of the "Too Busy Deputy" and Starving Animals

This friends is a picture of a two year old horse who is being starved to death. Neglect, maltreatment, lack of veterinary care, as well as the "good old boy" system in East Texas have all contributed to this horse being in this condition. But I digress, allow me to introduce you to Jacob. He's two years old. He's currently in rehab placement at the East Texas Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. They are trying to save his life, I surely hope they can succeed.

On to the story. Some of you may ask "if this is a travel blog, why are we talking about animals?" Let me assure you, that in my travels about Texas, I have met some amazing animals (and humans) and believe that those you meet on your travels can often impact your life for years to come.

So, let me tell you about this situation, and you my friends can judge for yourselves. This horse was seen by my friend Lori, who posted these pictures to FB after contacting the Leon County Sheriff's Office for assistance in rescuing this poor guy. Deputy Dwight Meyers informed Lori that he was in the business of "saving lives" and would get to this "when he had time." I guess Leon County being the hot bed of illegal activity, this man was busy! Or was he? Is this not a life?

I am all too familiar with animal abuse cases such as this through my job at the Mental Health Hospital. It seems that those with severe mental illness will often lash out at (or neglect) their animals in an attempt to "control something." I hope Deputy Meyers doesn't turn a blind eye to children who may look like this. I sincerely believe that this is animal cruelty, plain and simple. Having been around animals most of my life, and having had a near 30 year old horse (Thanks to Coy Lynch) I know what "old horses, who die from being old" look like. They do NOT look like this Deputy Meyers.

Friends I urge you all to take ONE look at these pictures, and think about what you could do to help. I urge each of you to do as I am doing this week and take a sack lunch to work just one day, and send the money you save to the East Texas Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.

Click the links to their site, or send donations directly to them at:

East Texas Horse Rescue & Sanctuary
12992 HWY 21 East
Alto Tx, 75925

You'll lose weight, feel great, and know that you've helped to save the life of a horse who was for far too long neglected. Prayers for Jacob and his rescuers, and prayers for the citizens of this county, I hope they never need Deputy Meyers to rescue them, rest assured, he'll be "too busy saving lives" to help.

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