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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sheeple---5 weeks old

I realize this is a little late, but wanted to TRY to keep up with the Sheep-a-weenies posts. These are pics taken when the guys (and gal) were about five weeks. They've since started eating on their own, and generally run the house (at least their crate and yard area)!

Up first as always is Chubbs. He's a lot less hairy than his other brother Flaco (now called Davey). He's still attached to his people...wanting you to hold him. He's got the cutest face.

Up next as always is Bullseye...our second boy. He's rambunctious, and loves biting his brothers.

The only girl, Minnie, is still as outgoing as ever. She hasn't met a stranger yet and LOVES to play with Rylee.

Finally our little guy Davey. He just has the funniest expressions, not to mention that tail that he keeps perched high over his back like a little goat. He's our only hairy one, and he has the best "hound" face of them all. That droopy look just gets me every time!

That's it for week five...check back later for a week 7 update :-)

Happy Tails :-)

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